Hi I’m Charis (pronounced Karis) I’m a cat lady with a chipmunk-like energy. I am a full time photographer covering everything from weddings to high-end beauty shoots. I originally trained as an Art teacher but decided to take a break from teaching to improve my skills as an artist (How can I teach kids if I’m not someone worth learning from?) but ended up enjoying being a freelance photographer.

I absolutely love my job and getting to meet all the wonderful individuals and families that i encounter on a weekly basis. I’m currently based in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear where I live with my lovely boyfriend who is a freelance writer, you can imagine the amount of tea we get through in a week!  I’m an army brat so I’m not from any fixed place, I was born in Germany then Moved to Mid-Wales when I was 7. I have lived in Newtown (Powys) Aberystwyth, Cardiff, Cirencester, Bristol and Now Gateshead.

Full website and portfolio at

Instagram; @charistalbot