The Daydream

by charistalbotphotography

Let it be known: I am the worst blogger in existence and very behind on posts. I just made a word document (complete with highlighting and all sorts) listing every shoot I should have blogged about in the last year and there is one for every day of the summer holidays so keep your eyes peeled.

In the last year a lot has happened. I moved back down to Cardiff in Wales from Newcastle in North East England, started supply teaching again and essentially have had to re-brand and start from scratch with my photography. No earth shattering tragedy prompted my moving, it was simply time to move on go where the work is so to speak.

Enough about me anyway I’m sure you’d like to see some lovely pretty pictures? Well then Dr Charis recommends pretty pre-raphaelite pictures as a cure for this rainy and gloomy Monday (Isn’t it supposed to be July??)

Model: Sophie Natrass

Make up and hair: Emma Louise Hair and Make up Artistry

Flowers by The Floral Quarter Newcastle

Veil and crown by Kathryn Russell



_IGP7505editweb _IGP7554editweb