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Some images from a client shoot last year. How gorgeous is little Romy? She was a pleasure to photograph, really took to being a woods fairy and her parents did an amazing job with the styling.

The Daydream

Let it be known: I am the worst blogger in existence and very behind on posts. I just made a word document (complete with highlighting and all sorts) listing every shoot I should have blogged about in the last year and there is one for every day of the summer holidays so keep your eyes peeled.

In the last year a lot has happened. I moved back down to Cardiff in Wales from Newcastle in North East England, started supply teaching again and essentially have had to re-brand and start from scratch with my photography. No earth shattering tragedy prompted my moving, it was simply time to move on go where the work is so to speak.

Enough about me anyway I’m sure you’d like to see some lovely pretty pictures? Well then Dr Charis recommends pretty pre-raphaelite pictures as a cure for this rainy and gloomy Monday (Isn’t it supposed to be July??)

Model: Sophie Natrass

Make up and hair: Emma Louise Hair and Make up Artistry

Flowers by The Floral Quarter Newcastle

Veil and crown by Kathryn Russell



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Legend Bridal: Lux In Tenebris

Back in March I shot some new pieces for Legend Bridal. Instead of doing my usual pretty outside pictures I wanted to do full length, slightly high fashion bridal using lots of contrast and shadows. I hired Mayfield studio for this as I wanted them to be just perfect and my home studio is a little bit small for full length.

Models: Sophie and Sarah

Make up: Victoria Holdstock 

Hair: Emma Louise

Designer: Legend Bridal 

Assistant: Christine Patterson


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Way back last December (I know I’m so behind updating) I shot for the Designer OneofOne. I absolutely fell in love with her work and so rather shyly asked if I could borrow some pieces. Several weeks later I got a very exciting parcel. Unfortunately December is pretty awful to shoot in. I had hoped for snow so we could make it an alternative Bridal type shoot. As luck wouldn’t have it it didn’t snow but it was rather sunny for the 5 hours of daylight we got to shoot in. The poor model was very brave and resilient considering the bitter cold- my fingers were pretty numb trying to change settings on the camera. At the time we didn’t have transport and we’d all got the bus up to Consett to the Make Up Artist’s house to shoot around there. So we pretty much just shot in a clump of  trees and buses off a road. Alas when you’re you’re poor and can’t drive you don’t get many choices in the matter, however it’s a true measure of gumption if you can make pretty pictures in the most barren of places.

Designer: OneofOne

Model: Vivien

Make up: Kitty Kerry 

Hair: Anthony Simpson 

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Toni and Dom’s Love story

Back in cold unforgiving January, I got the chance to photograph my friend Toni and her boyfriend Dom. They are such a lovely couple and bless them very happy to be my guinea pigs for my website couple shoot. Now i have done lots of couple shoots very very seldom get to publish them as i respect my clients privacy so I got Toni and Dom to fill in the gaps by posing. Kitty Kerry did the make up for Toni.

I actually loved shooting on a crisp winter’s day as you got the lowers sunlight and the crazy colours left over from Autumn.











Laura’s Maternity Shoot

Recently I did a maternity shoot for the fabulous Laura of Wholeheartedly Healthy  and her husband James. It was a lovely relaxed early evening shoot in Saltwell Park. The sun was beating down on us even though it was still late in the day and we got some great photos.

Wishing Laura and James all the best for their little bundle due in September.

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Jess and Robbie’s Wedding



In June I had the pleasure of photographing the Burn’s wedding at Wallsend Hall in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. The bride looked amazing in vintage lace and hair and flowers by Petals Pins and Powder  . We were very lucky with the weather and the venue was just lovely. I wish Jess and Robbie all the best in their married life. For more about my wedding packages visit my website 

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Sarah and Ian Engagement shoot

I’ve been booked to photograph Sarah and Ian’s wedding in September and so they thought they’d also go for a pre-wedding shoot. Sarah is the sister of the amazing photographer Christeeny so it was a real honor to be asked. Sarah and Ian are a fantastic couple full of fun and energy and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding!







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Rebecca and Will engagement shoot

Back in deepest darkest January I shot this engagement shoot for Rebecca and Will. Rebecca had her make up done by Kitty ; Will experienced Kitty’s groom’ing service which is a quick grooming session to make sure gentlemen are looking their best.

We were losing the light a little as it was around when the sun was setting at 4pm but I love the effect we got. I really enjoy doing couple shoots as I adore being part of people’s love stories.





Clare and Marley

Just a quick blog update tonight. Back in December Toni bought her sister Clare a voucher for a photoshoot. We recently got around to organising it and the results we lovely. Clare and her son Marley were lovely to take photos of as well as Marley’s auntie Toni. It was a lovely summery day and as always Saltwell park was a great setting for the shoot.

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I shot these using my 90mm 2.8 lens.

I’m currently doing a special offer for Family portraits so if you’re based in Tyne and Wear do get in touch